"Now I see love"

Status (Updated August 26th, 2021):

I've decided once I'm done with my current queue, comms will be going on an indefinite hiatus. I want more time to work on my own art now that I have a day job, so expect more from me in that regard ♥

Thank you for your interest. I do appreciate it, tremendously!


  • Lineart : $40 base price

  • Flats : $50 base price

  • Cell/Simple Shaded : $70 base price

  • Headshot/Profile Pic : $40 base price, $45 for cell shaded

Final prices vary per request, you will get a quote before I start working and put you in queue!

Background Complexity may add to base price, but sometimes a simple BG won't add anything!

Additional Characters may add to base price, depending on complexity or amount of character showing. A few body parts won't add as much as a full character, for example.

Terms of Service

1. General Conduct and Conditions:

• I reserve the right to refuse/cancel/refund commissions for any reason, personal or otherwise.
• I aim to work on them as fast as I can but am not a full time artist, and a reasonable level of patience will be expected.
• Questions and concerns about your commission should go through private messages (contact info can be given to me through comm. form)
• You can always see my queue on my Trello.
• WIPS sent at different stages (Sketch, Final Lines, Colors, Shading)


• Requests done through my google form.
• I will contact you if accepted and place you into queue.
• I will not accept requests that don't fill the form with all the necessary info.
If form is closed, I will always announce on Twitter when I'm open again.

4. Changes/Edits

• Changes can be requested before Final lines are done. The amount of changes will vary depending on how many mistakes I made, and the requests themselves.
• Simple Sketches will have less room for changes, unless they are small and/or take little time to correct.

5. Payment and Refunds:

• Paypal only
• Commission paid in full after you approve sketch/pose. Work on your commission will be paused until payment is received.
• I do not nor will ever accept cryptocurrency.

6. Refunds:
• Refunds are always available, no questions asked.

TOS last updated: August 6th, 2021

About Me

She/Her • Native • Pansexual Bi-romantic • Sentimental and Soft

"Describing myself is always very hard for me to do, because I frankly take pride in the fact that I'm..simple? Or at least enjoy a low-key life, with few close friends, and little aspirations beyond "enjoy the ride" and "be yourself". But it's also hard for me cause I've rewritten this several times, because I never aim to act like I've settled on who I am, or how I feel as some sort of "forever" state.

I'm native american, and have recently tried to reintroduce spiritualistic ideas back into my life, trying to regain respect for the natural world but also myself in relation to it all.

Despite being on the internet, I can be a bit of a.. 'luddite?' Well, not that, necessarily. I aim not to worship or feel beholden to modern life and it's distractions, recognize it's good, and am careful to fall under the mentality that I need to be involved with every aspect of it all. This is likely a symptom of my intense craving for quiet and simplicity: Media and Marketing is noisy, people are impatient and can't sit in silence, and I don't want to be like that, as best I can be...

Thus, I'm a rather quiet and private person, and despite having HEATED opinions on social media (who doesn't ayy), sharing selfies, having an AD (and apparently seeming "cool" and "put together"), I'm a mess like a lot of people. I think way too much about life, greater meaning, purpose, etc, and it's lead me to a place where I try to find a balance between "feel" and "think", so I can best focus my energy to share, create, and make memories with the creatures of this earth before our light burns out.

So let's make memories, and have some fun with it~ ♥"

My webpage is undergoing a reconstruction. Check back Later <3